2014-08-08 13.28.49If you haven’t been to HealthBarn USA, then you must read what our families are saying about our ultimate healthy-lifestyle experience that keeps everyone coming back for more!

About Seasonal Programs & Parent Workshops:

“People are steering you towards unhealthy foods and HealthBarn USA steers you towards healthy and different foods, so you’re confused.  Then, you talk about it and learn about reading labels and have fun finding out for yourself that HealthBarn USA is right,”  Janan, Young Harvester.

“Visiting the HealthBarn USA garden is like opening the refrigerator and getting to eat anything you want — it’s so fresh and tastes so good,” Brett, Young Harvester.

“I love HealthBarn USA, it’s more fun than regular school I wish I could come everyday,” Lauren, Young Harvester.

“It takes a couple of seasons at HealthBarn USA to get used to eating natural foods most of the time, now I don’t even miss the other stuff!”  Nick, Young Harvester.

“I use the cook book so much I even tricked my brother (who is a picky eater!) into eating the Perfect Pop.  I’m about to make the EZ Make Cookies — those recipes are really addicting,” Samantha, Young Harvester.

“Nicky (age 5) woke up yesterday asking if we could make the quinoa salad we made at HealthBarn.  Fortunately, I happened to have had all the ingredients — so we made it and he chopped all the vegetables diligently and patiently into small diced pieces while I cooked the quinoa. And he (and Jeff — a Young Harvester) proceeded to eat it all day!  For mid-morning snack, lunch and dinner!  I sent them with it in their lunch boxes today and now it’s all gone.  Thank goodness for HealthBarn,” Debi, Young Harvester and sprout mom.

“HealthBarn USA is helping us too, not just my son, better understand about what we eat!  We like that the parent workshops cover different topics and include food demonstrations because it makes it fun, easy to understand and we can actually see and taste the alternatives,” Jorge, super dad, Saddle River, NJ.

“I tell my friends that HealthBarn USA has helped us make great life changing decisions that we’ve made as a family AND that the children are learning to make their own healthy choices,” Maria, super mom of a sprout and seedling, Midland Park, NJ.

“This spring my daughter’s pink jean jacket was too tight.  I just had her try it on today out of curuisity and it fits great with some room to move.  Her winter coats from last year even look too big.  She’s really slimming down, still have a way to go, but she’s doing great. I cannot tell you how excited my husband and I are to see such results.  It took some time but was well worth the wait!” Sandi, Ramsey, NJ.

“After participating in the Seedlings program with my four year old son, I knew I wanted and needed more.  In the adult program, I became an informed and educated consumer and have almost stopped my search for the quick fix, the magic pill, etc… to get healthier and fitter faster!  It’s an early 40th birthday gift to myself… one I will continue to use everyday of my life,” Tamra, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ.

“I wish you had a class for my non-vegetable eating husband,” Seedling mom.

“Very cool program, great for the kids to learn about where foods come from, and why they are healthy for you,” Sprout mom.

“Phenomenal class — mom and Jack learned a lot,” Seedling mom.

“My daughter has become more apt to choosing different foods and veggies which she loves!  She loves making choices now that are healthy,” Young Harvester mom.

“It’s hard to put a price tag on this type of invaluable information and experience… if I had to do it again, I’d make the same decision,” Young Harvester mom.

About Summer Camp:

“You instantly bond with the other campers and counselors because it’s like one big family,” Giles, age 11.

“The best food on earth, you can’t believe it’s healthy!” Katlyn, age 7.

“My mother loves it because she doesn’t have to make lunch,” Alex, age 11.

“Learn that trying new foods is fun!” Hallie, age 9.

“I love planting in the garden,” Caitlin, age 10.

“It’s the ONLY place you can plant, cook, eat and play,” group consensus!

“Jeffrey is enjoying your program so much!  All of your counselors are wonderful and you plan a nice variety of creative, fun and educational activities, Thanks!”  Debi, camper mom!

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