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HealthBarn USA PBS-TV Segment

Hear why healthy eating for kids is an invaluable lesson for their health and well-being.  Stacey Antine, MS, RD, founder, HealthBarn USA, author, Appetite for Life, director, HealthBarn Foundation speaks with Steve Adubato during his One-on-One Show.  Learn what Stacey is doing to educate children about healthy choices and to provide nutrition food for ill children and their families.


Helping Kids Overcome Food Fears

Food fears (aka picky eaters) in children should be addressed as soon as possible because experts report that they don’t grow out it and it may lead to health problems down the road. Find out more about what it is, and how HealthBarn USA helped convert a pureed veggie eater to a happy kindergartner eating fresh veggies and grilled cheese topped with spinach! If you don’t live near the barn, check out “Appetite for Life,” by Stacey Antine, MS, RD, founder, HealthBarn USA available nationwide in hardcover and as an eBook. Live healthy, it’s the only way!


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