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If you want kids to be healthy, you need to join the HealthBarn USA family! Subscribing to our blogs is an easy way to stay informed with current food and nutrition information, delicious, seasonal kid-tested recipes and fun activities that make being healthy fun and doable for the whole family. After seven years and 30,000 kids, we are the go-to resource for parents who want the best for their families.

What makes HealthBarn USA recipes different from other healthy recipes? We eat seasonally (as much as possible) and want to help you do so, too with the weekly seasonal recipe blog.

  • Cook with Natural Ingredients: We are all about growing our own food and cooking with natural ingredients that come from nature not factories.
  • Nutrition Made Simple: As nutritionists, we make sure that our meals and snacks boost good nutrition (vitamins, minerals, whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats) while also meeting dietary requirements set for saturated fat (the “bad” fat), cholesterol, and sodium reflected in the Nutrition Facts for each recipe.
  • Kid-Tested, Mom Approved: Our recipes are taste tested by hundreds of kids and made by moms at home, so we know these dishes are easy and delicious one serving at a time.

Looking for practical information to get you smart about feeding your family healthy? Stacey Antine, MS, RD, the founder of HealthBarn USA, answers moms’ burning questions blog each week on a wide variety of topics that moms care about, such as should I go gluten-free for weight loss?, is baking with coconut oil healthy?, and should I buy organic? She also gives her expert opinion and helpful tips to break habits and get healthy in the eater’s confession booth blog.

We want to hear from you! Subscribe today and post your comments and questions on the blog posts so we can help you be your best for your family!