Eater’s Confession Booth: Group Eating

I’m in college and I live with a big group of friends.  I often get sucked into unnecessary snacking because everyone is hanging out, watching TV, and eating.  I’m usually not hungry when this happens, but I end up eating anyway to be part of the scene.  How do I break away from my friends’ [...]

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Eater’s Confession Booth: Diet Soda

I’m hooked to diet soda!  I reach for it at least 3 times a day, and while it’s calorie-free, I know it isn’t a natural beverage.  What are some natural, no-calorie alternatives? – A six-pack a day Hooked on Diet Coke? Kick that soda habit to the curb! (photo from A lot [...]

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Eater’s Confession Booth: Freebie Fiend

I can't help myself when there are treats at the office/ free food in general. How do I resist? – Freebie Fiend Freebies can be incredibly tempting!  Whether it’s the desire to save money, the allure of a surprise treat, or just pure convenience, most of us have trouble saying no to free food.  Unfortunately, [...]

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Eater’s Confession Booth: Candy Rewards

I’m rewarding my kids with candy for doing well on their tests, going to the doctor and after sports games. I know this isn’t a good idea, but how do I stop it? --Sweet Rewards It’s natural to want to reward kids for achieving goals or toughing out a stressful situation, but rewarding them with [...]

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Eater’s Confession Booth: Healthy on the Go

I get very frustrated when I’m unable to get healthy food when I’m hungry, so I’m constantly carrying around food with me.  My friends find it weird, and it’s super time consuming to prepare.  What can I do to make sure I have access to healthy food without it taking over my life?  –Healthy on the Go [...]

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