What Schools Are Saying

About School Assemblies:

 "I want to thank you and congratulate you on the hugely successful assembly you provided at Lenape Meadows School.  You delivered an age-appropriate wealth of healthy-eating information to our kindergarten through third grade students.  The children certainly have a whole new approach to understanding the food pyramid, and are excited to start making healthier food choices.   It was wonderful to work the food-tasting tables and witness the children trying new foods that they probably would never try."

"The feedback on your assembly? One word: AWESOME!"

"As we approach the end of the year, as Principal, I reflect on all of the events we hosted here at Colonial Road School. One of the most memorable was your visit with us. Not only did you provide the parents with important information regarding eating healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle – but you then extended that message to our students and staff. I so appreciate the energy and enthusiasm that you and your team provided. It was contagious!!!"

"I learned that it is good to try new things, and how to make healthy snack decisions… I tasted soybeans, strawberries, blackberries, cauliflower, and yellow peppers. I liked everything, but expecially the yellow peppers — it was my first time trying them!" student, Hazlet, NJ.

"The assembly showed me that these foods help your body in many ways.  It got me more interested in eating more veggies, instead of my mom begging me to — thank you," student, Hazlet, NJ.

"I learned that eating and watching TV is bad because you aren’t spending time with your family," student, Hazlet, NJ

"The assembly was extremely amazing and one-of-kind.  I learned that the Rainbow Swirley and soybeans are so good!  I got to exercise and tried all the peppers and they were awesome.  The part I liked most was that we got to sample the food… keep on sampling those Puffins," student, Hazlet, NJ.

School & Scout Field Trips:

"I just wanted to thank you for a really great field trip!  The lessons taught by HealthBarn USA were very important and I love that they are done in a hands on manner.  Being lectured to (especially at this age) goes in one ear and out the other.  When you are using your hands and participating, the chance of you remembering the information is much greater," parent, Kinnelon, NJ.

“Our experience was flawless.  You and your team did a fantastic job.  The girls learned a  lot and had fun doing it.  Every activity was interesting and exciting.  The girl’s favorite part was picking through the compost pile. Our day at the HealthBarn USA is a memory that will last a lifetime,” Junior Girl Scout Troop #1380.

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