School Assemblies


Stacey in action during taste testing!

Engage your student body in HealthBarn USA’s “Try it, you’ll like,” one-of-a-kind, hands on healthy-lifestyle experience that empowers children of all ages to try healthy foods (foods are free of nuts, wheat and eggs), be active, participate in family meals and much more.  Kids can’t get enough of this fun and interactive tasting experience that leaves principals, teachers, parent volunteers and parents at home in awe as kids tempt their taste buds with fruit, vegetables, edamame, cereal without added sugar and so much more.  Click here to read letters from students’ about what they learned from the assembly.  School administrators are thrilled with the results as well, read Brownstone and Haworth School letters.  We are proud to collaborate with Whole Foods Market who are making the concept of trying healthy foods irresistible!  Click here for the one page flyer;  click here for the complete brochure.

Need a Grant?  HealthBarn USA’s healthy-lifestyle assembly funded to improve the health status of children grades K-8.  Life in Sync 501c3 Charity announced the barn as its first recipient of grant funding based on innovation and effectiveness!  Click here to read more.  Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity for your students, apply today!

“Best assembly ever!”

The Assembly on YouTube.  Click here to check out our highlight video of both assemblies during National Nutrition Month.   By popular request, we loaded a 10 minute teaser video of what goes on at the HealthBarn USA assembly if you haven’t experienced it LIVE yet!  Click here to watch our team and the kids in action.  Don’t miss out on this one-of-kind fun and  educational experience for your school by scheduling one today.

Appetite for Life is Donated to School Libraries.I wanted to let you know that yesterday I worked in the school library for my daughter’s class and Stacey’s book is so popular that the librarian has to do an auction to see who gets to take the book out each week!  And my daughter’s friend came over today to borrow my copy because she hasn’t been able to get the book from the library.   And, at the HSA meeting yesterday the principal thanked me for coordinating the HealthBarn USA assembly and said how wonderful it was and how great and engaging Stacey was  with the kids.”  HSA co-chair, Orchard Elementary School.

The 90-minute interactive program fulfills the Core Curriculum requirement that students learn about a healthy lifestyle.   The Reading Eagle feature Try it, You’ll Like it” assembly in “Students in Reading Assemblies Served Food for Thought,  to read more click here.

“The assemblies were AWESOME and we want HealthBarn USA back to also teach the nutrition workshops to our children and teachers in addition to the assemblies,” grant coordinator at Franklin Avenue School, Webster, MA.

Kids are empowered to choose their own healthy toppings & dressings!

Super Salad Bar School Assembly ignites students’ curiosity about where food comes from and why fresh is best for their bodies and the planet and is the perfect sequel to HealthBarn USA’s wildly popular “Try it, you’ll like it” assembly.  The hands-on assembly kicks off by playing our Seasonal Food Game to test their food IQ by identifying fruits and vegetables and gaining bonus points for guessing the correct harvest season.  Then, all the students indulge their taste buds by creating personal salads from a variety of healthy toppings and dressings, too.  This assembly is getting double thumbs up from students, teachers and parents who can’t believe a salad bar could be this much fun!  The fun and educational experience is 45 minutes in length for a maximum of 100 students per session.  Click here for the one page flyer.

You recently came to present your assembly at Byrd school in Glen Rock.  My son came home raving about the salad and dressing.  He’s been instructing me exactly how I have to cut up the veggies, which color peppers he likes best and how I have to present it (so he can choose what he likes best for his plate). But, I can’t seem to replicate the dressing.  Can you please send me the dressing you used so I can recreate the miracle at home?  a Happy Mom!

 To schedule an assembly at your school or other organization, please contact 201-444-2955 or email [email protected]