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FamilyChippersWe know that as a parent, your family’s health is the single most important thing to you. We also know that today’s fast-food, fast-paced culture makes supporting your family’s healthy lifestyle a challenge every day. At HealthBarn USA, we provide a solid foundation for you and your child to build healthy lives. We connect nature with nutrition by offering the ultimate “farm-to-fork” experience!  The children will participate in growing, harvesting, and preparing recipes with fresh, seasonal food they grew themselves.

Watch kids in action Being a Farmer, Being a Chef, and Being Green — and you will see for yourself why HealthBarn USA is the place to be for having fun while learning to be healthy!

Check out the latest media coverage that brings to life the one-of-kind HealthBarn USA experience…

Stacey Antine, MS, RD and founder of HealthBarn USA was honored on The Rachael Ray Show as part of Ray’s Incredible People & Healthy Eating series sponsored by The American Egg Board,  click here to watch HealthBarn USA kids and team in action! Antine joins an all-star team of people recognized for their important contributions to helping communities lead healthier lives at the grass roots level. L earn more about our programs from the latest media buzz:

  • CBS-TV, New York, Family First with Cindy Hsu:  HealthBarn USA was featured in the Family First segment, click here to watch the Seedlings, ages 3-5 and their parents in action!  Also, check out the Website article featuring an interview with the founder, Stacey Antine, MS, RD that includes healthy home tips and yummy recipes.
  • CNN, House Calls with Dr. Sanjay Gupta: HealthBarn USA was featured in the FIT Nation segment, click here to watch the HealthBarn USA team, Young Harvesters and their parents in action!
  • Women’s Health magazine:  In Focus:  Action Figures fighting for a Good Cause: Nutrition features Stacey Antine, our founder!  Learn more about HealthBarn USA and why she started it…, “I wanted kids to get excited about an apple the way they do about soda,” says Stacey.  And we do! Click here to read more.

2013-08-05 12.09.28Learning to live a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight.

Our programs are designed to help you and your child enjoy every minute of the process! The HealthBarn USA programs are for children, ages 3-15 and take place over 10-weeks (Seedlings and Sprouts) and 6- or 12-weeks (Young Harvesters) to ensure that your commitment pays off. Our team of HealthBarn USA educators provide your child with positive messages and skills regarding food, nutrition, and agriculture in a fun, authentic and engaging environment. And, your involvement is important too! In weekly workshops, you will gain the skills necessary to support healthy living at home.

HealthBarn USA gives you and your child the tools to live strong and energetic lives in an authentic farm experience.

In honoring our commitment to environmental conservation as part of a healthy-lifestyle, HealthBarn USA is proud to become a member Company of The Conservation Alliance,, joining more than 135 companies that have contributed over $5 million to conservation organizations to protect more than 34 million acres to wildlands; stop or remove 26 dams; and preserve access to thousands of miles of rivers and several climbing areas.  We believe that working together with like-minded people and organizations will effect positive change in our local communities and for the planet!

We can’t wait to see you at the barn! Become a member of the HealthBarn USA family by clicking here to contact us.