Harvesters, Ages 8-12

About Harvesters

This culinary garden-to-table opportunity introduces the taste of nutrition through growing, harvesting and cooking with fresh seasonal food.

The upcoming harvest season we will be moving our classes outdoor utilizing the spacious patio as our kitchen and spending serious harvest time in the organic garden, please inquire about our COVID-19 policies and procedures and/or schedule a private tour of the facility.

The 10-week program is offered after school during the spring, winter and fall seasons.  This new knowledge empowers children to make better choices at school and at home as well as build confidence in their choices through sharpening their culinary skills to make meals from scratch with friends.


“At the HealthBarn you are eating healthy to grow a strong mind and healthy body. One of the best things about HealthBarn are the counselors and the friends you are always making. You can always have a great time there making amazing and delicious meals. Also, I love how we make our own recipes and grow our own garden with vegetables and fruit, it makes the food taste fresher. Have fun and eat healthy!”

– A Harvester and Camper

Our chefs in training, ages 8-12 have the opportunity to experience first-hand where their food comes from and why these foods are important for their bodies.

The program transforms children into adventurous healthy eaters by supporting their culinary skills development both at the Barn’s kitchen and at home!

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Ready to Become a Master Chef?

As your Harvester puts his culinary and healthy-lifestyle skills into practice, he may be ready to expand his expertise to join the Master Chefs program for ages 12+.

As a member of the HealthBarn USA family, please inquire about our returning families rate and Village of Ridgewood rates for all of our programs.

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