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By popular demand from school wellness committees and pediatricians, we created Nutrition Highlights, family-friendly healthy lifestyle educational information fact sheets on hot topics such as the importance of breakfast and family meals, seasonal eating, recycling and more!  Compiled by a trusted, leading voice in family nutrition Stacey Antine, MS, RDN, founder of HealthBarn USA and author of Appetite for Life.

Many schools are implementing important nutritional changes to school lunch and snacking offerings during school hours, but without nutrition education to both the children and parents, it’s not sustainable,” said Stacey.  “We developed Nutrition Highlights as an important tool to help families adopt healthy behaviors at school, in doctors’ waiting rooms or in community centers.”  Here more from Stacey about nutrition, influences and giving back during her PBS One-On-One interview with Steve Adubato.

Subscribe Today!  Nutrition Highlights is available in a series of 10 issues (to align with the 10-month school cycle) for $50/year or $95/2 years.  You will receive a PDF* copy of Nutrition Highlights each month to be copied by the school for student back-pack folders with other important correspondences for parents or distributed to parents through the school parent association as an email.  To subscribe, please contact us at 201-891-2066 or email [email protected]

* Nutrition Highlights is copyrighted and available to the subscriber only.  We ask that you don’t share it with personally or with other schools.