Eating Well and Having Fun

"What It’s All About... The concept for the nutrition education center was born when founder Stacey Antine, MS, RDN, was working in a hospital completing her internship to become a registered dietitian nutritionist. During that time, she observed the treatment side of the obesity epidemic but felt a need for greater focus on educating children and their [...]

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Hands-On Recipe: The Perfect Pop

Dress it Up for a Fun Dinner Party! This truly perfect recipe is one of the all-time favorites at HealthBarn. “It’s so good” says one of our taste-testers, “that you want to eat it again and again!” The tofu reduces the unhealthy saturated fat you’ll find in most frozen dessert bars and makes [...]

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PBS Life & Living with Joanna Gagis

"Joanna Gagis sits down with Stacey Antine, MS, RD, Founder of HealthBarn USA and Author of 'Appetite for Life,' to discuss the unique programs taking place for kids and adults at HealthBarn USA in Ridgewood, NJ. She describes the importance of nutrition education for young children and families and how HealthBarn can teach good habits." [...]

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Hands-On Recipe: Citrus and Herb Shrimp Kabobs

Summer means grilling, and grilling means kabobs. Bright citrus flavors and fresh herbs make these shrimp kabobs a warm-weather classic that you’ll be sure to make year after year. The natural citrus juices are loaded with vitamins A and C to keep your immune system in tip-top shape. Ingredients: 8 bamboo skewers 1½ cups water [...]

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Hands-On Recipe: Pizza Potato Skins

We’ve taken two of our favorite tastes and found a way to combine them into a crunchy snack you can’t resist.  We’ve topped potato skins with tomato sauce, cheese and fresh herbs from the garden for vitamin C, fiber, calcium and iron. Ingredients: 4 medium baking (russet) potatoes (10 ounces each), scrubbed 1/8 teaspoon sea [...]

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Courier-Post: Camco library to take food literacy on the road

"Gingersnap cookies with flaxseed. Sweet potato pancakes. Creamy broccoli soup — without the cream. Asparagus guacamole. Black bean brownie  Those are some of the healthy recipes Stacey Antine, a registered dietitian and founder of Health Barn USA, likely will bring to South Jersey families as part of the Camden County Library System's new mobile food literacy center, [...]

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Sweet Potato Gnocchi & Basil Pesto

Sweet Potato Gnocchi & Basil Pesto Easy to Make, Delish to Eat! Gnocchi (pronounced knee-oh-key) is a fun word to say but it’s even more fun to eat! We added sweet potatoes to this classic Italian pasta to give it a big boost of vitamins and minerals - including an amazing boost of [...]

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Be Smart When Dining Out

We love to eat out and we know that our families do, too! We really Family Time is Fun Time! enjoy tasty food and like experiencing new places that inspire our creativity by offering different types of ethnic cuisines. It’s also a great time to relax with friends and family without worrying about [...]

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Hot Topic: Dinner at 4:00 pm?

Hot Trend:  Dinner at 4:00 pm?  Yes, if your kids are starving after-to-school, read more! Make dinner time earlier this year 4 kids! It's a new back-to-school season, so it's a perfect time to create new habits to keep kids happy and healthy.  A trend that I've been tracking for some time are [...]

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HealthBarn USA Founder Stacey Antine is Today’s Honoree

"Stacey Antine is a registered dietitian who holds a Master’s of Science in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics from New York University.  Alarmed by the long list of lifestyle diseases (obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.) faced by children today, she founded HealthBarn USA, Inc. to connect children to natural foods and where they come from," Today's [...]

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