Hands-On Recipe: Overnight Oat Parfait

Overnight Oat Parfait - is the breakfast of champions!  If you are tired of eating breakfast and then, find yourself starving by 10:00 am, you going to love this recipe!  This heart healthy meal is loaded with healthy fats, an excellent source of protein and dietary fiber, and gives you a major boost of vitamin [...]

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Mini Coffee Cakes

Mini Coffee Cakes with Flaxseed Walnut Streusel Named Coffee Cake because it is usually served along with the popular breakfast New favorite muffin at the Barn! beverage; we’d recommend your kids skipping the coffee part (but mom may need the caffeine boost every now and then!). Our version is made in a mini [...]

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Hungry for Breakfast? Make it Healthy!

You’ve heard it before, but it’s true: breakfast is such an important meal!  It gets Pancakes + Kids = Happy Mornings your metabolism going, keeps you focused, and sets the tone for the day.  You AND your kids should make it a priority to eat a great breakfast each day, including protein, whole [...]

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Moms’ Burning Questions: Skipping Breakfast

My daughter runs out of the house each morning without eating breakfast. Is this habit that bad? Organic, all natural granola bars are a great option for breakfast on the go. Kids who eat breakfast perform better in school, have fewer disciplinary problems, and focus better in the classroom, according to a significant [...]

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Moms’ Burning Questions: Better Breakfasts

I’m trying to avoid feeding my kids sugary breakfast cereals.  What are some healthy, filling, kid-friendly breakfasts? Yogurt topped with berries and granola is a breakfast filled with protein and probiotics! You’ve heard it before, but it’s true: breakfast is such an important meal!  It gets your metabolism going, keeps you focused, and [...]

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DIY Kid Activities: Let’s Play Cereal Detective!

At HealthBarn USA, one of my favorite nutrition games to play with the kids is called “Cereal Detective,” found in my book Appetite for Life  Kids get to see first-hand how much sugar goes into their food—particularly their breakfast cereal. If you are trying to help your child make the switch from sugary cold cereals [...]

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