Crunchy Granola with Walnuts

Why buy granola in a box when this homemade mixture tastes better and is so easy to make? We lowered the fat content of traditional granola and still kept the great taste. We chose oats, a whole-grain base, and added flaxseeds and walnuts for healthy polyunsaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids. We gave it [...]

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Hands-On Recipe: Apple Crisp

There are a zillion varieties of apples—from Granny Smith to Braeburn Farm fresh apples from Demarest Farms, NJ to Gala. Whether you like them tart or sweet, you’ll love them in this recipe. Choose whatever variety appeals to you to make this treat. We’ve topped each serving with our Crunchy Granola and Walnuts [...]

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Hands-On Recipe: The Barn Bar

A weekly family favorite recipe! The Barn (Granola) Bar: We learned during a Supermarket Spy Kid shopping trip that popular brands of granola bars have lots of strange-sounding ingredients that kids had never heard of (and couldn’t pronounce) so we set out to make our own creation using whole grains.  Our delicious Barn [...]

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Weekly Seasonal Recipe: Apples

APPLES Apples are one of the most recognizable fruits to kids, and typically a favorite!  Little ones (especially those who have lost their two front teeth!) may appreciate them cut into wedges, and some kids prefer the skin peeled off, but no matter how you slice it, kids love apples.  They come in a seemingly [...]

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