HealthBarn Nutrition Academy

About the Academy:

The HealthBarn® Nutrition Academy is the learning resource that enables HealthBarn® USA to spread its Thumbs-Up, No-Yucks programming nationally to inspire strong bodies, healthy minds. In the midst of today’s processed food, high-speed, tech culture, learning about good nutrition and healthy living is more important than ever.

HealthBarn USA is a leading voice in family nutrition, based in Ridgewood, New Jersey. We have been empowering children and families to live strong, energetic lives for more than 20 years through proprietary, science-based, hands-on nutrition curricula taught at the Ridgewood campus, schools, libraries, camps and other learning centers throughout the greater New York area.

Rachael Ray, TV celebrity chef and best-selling author, calls HealthBarn “a great idea…I’d love to see a HealthBarn everywhere!”

Culinary Creations Educator Training & Programs:

The proprietary Culinary Creations 1.0 & 2.0 Programs are available to teach as an after-school enrichment program, or within the school day for elementary school students in a variety of learning settings. We offer Culinary Creations 1.0 and 2.0 — so you can teach a full year of contagiously fun nutrition education.

Training & Programs Bundled: The Culinary Creations 1.0 Educator Training (8-10 hours including live coaching session with Founder, Stacey Antine, MS, RDN) and Culinary Creations 2.0 Refresher are each bundled with 12 weeks of lessons to ensure HealthBarn’s methodology and content are delivered for a Thumbs-up experience.

What to expect from the program, children will:

  • Increase fruit and vegetable intake through hands-on, kid-friendly recipes (kitchen not required);
  • Develop culinary skills, such as chopping fresh produce; and confidence to follow recipes;
  • Understand where food comes from and why fresh is best for strong bodies, healthy minds;
  • Build a strong foundation in practicing the HealthBarn’s 7 Healthy Habits for life;
  • Have fun with friends and help create HealthBarn recipes at home with their families.

Healthy Habits for Life
From a Proven Leader in Family Nutrition

It’s fun getting kids involved from start to finish and seeing their progression from chopping veggies to eating the variety of recipes. I love being part of their healthy choices and experiencing their reactions during each class.”

Nikki Hayes, HealthBarn Nutrition Academy Educator, Colorado

Ready to make a difference for children in your community?

  • Step 1: Take the Culinary Creations Educator Training Course
  • Step 2: Get certified by the HealthBarn Nutrition Academy
  • Step 3: Start teaching Culinary Creations in your school, library or other place of learning!
Culinary Creations Educator Training & Programs are Bundled for success!