Kids Advisory Council

Carson, President

The council has officially elected Carson the president of KAC for his seasoned leadership.  His smile and excitement for what’s happening at HealthBarn USA and for making new friends is contagious! He loves learning and building things, so constructing a rain barrel for the garden was one of his favorite activities in addition to cooking and eating all of the recipes. At home, he likes to help his mom cook his favorite recipes and is active by being super busy. He’s excited about being on the Council to come up with new ideas to get kids motivated about being healthy because it’s fun.  He’s also volunteering every month cooking for  the HealthBarn Foundation’s Healing Meals initiative, a good gifting program for ill children and their families.  He just raised $180 for the Foundation through an art contest for new package labels!

Ben, Executive Chef

Ben began his cooking career at  HealthBarn USA when he was only three years old as a Seedling.  He came back to the Barn when he was 9 years old as a Young Harvester and summer camper.  Ben is blazing new trails as he develops exciting healthy recipes that continue to get double thumbs up from his peers.  He thinks of HealthBarn as a second home.   His favorite activity is cooking and harvesting from the garden.  His top garden picks are zucchini, lettuce, and herbs and his favorite HealthBarn USA recipe is the Chocolate Chickpea Chippers. He says that when he makes the chippers for his family at home they don’t even know that there are chickpeas in them which he thinks is really cool.  Ben wants to inform other kids how important living a healthy life-style is and how easy and tasty eating healthy can be.

Lauren, Expert Taste Tester

Lauren has been coming to camp for 3 years along with her brother Robert.  She really enjoys cooking and tasting different types of food from different cultures. She especially likes Japanese food and lists salmon sushi as one of her favorite foods “ever.”  Lauren loves acting and singing and for the past couple of years has participated in a youth performance troupe for a local community theater. For exercise, she enjoys running, basketball and tennis.  Lauren has learned so much at HealthBarn USA. She is now a label reader and thinks it is important for kids to know what they are eating, especially if you can’t pronounce the ingredients.  She enjoys spending time in our organic garden and looks forward to many camp days to come!

Laura, Barn Bank Treasurer

Laura and her siblings have been coming to HealthBarn USA for summer and holiday camps for three years.  She is a newly appointed member of the Kids’ Advisory Council and was nominated by other members because of her leadership skills and great ideas.  Laura’s role is to keep track of all the “barn bucks,” which is a way of rewarding kids for doing good deeds at HealthBarn USA.  She loves the garden and cooking at the Barn and feels so proud of herself for growing and making her own food.  “I always feel so energetic after HealthBarn USA, not the sugar energetic, but the healthy kind that makes me so happy and excited, ready to take on the world,” Laura says.  At home, she loves eating authentic Lebanese food.  Her favorite spice mixture is Za’atar on pita with a brush of Altirs Olive Oil that gets double thumbs up reviews by our campers!

Samantha, Garden Expert

Samantha has been a camper at HealthBarn USA  for the past two years.  She loved HealthBarn so much after the first year she decided to recruit her 2 younger sisters and several friends to join her for year #2!  She was always a healthy eater growing up, but the Barn has helped her to take it to a new level.  Samantha has learned so much about food in general and is now an avid label reader, always curious about the source of the food she is eating.  She enjoys sharing her knowledge to family and friends so they can make healthier choices, too!  Creating recipes with fresh ingredients and new herbs discovered in the garden is one  of her favorite activities at camp.  At home she helps her family take care of their amazing organic garden–planting, weeding, pruning and best of all picking and eating the yummy fruits and veggies.  Her family thinks her pesto recipe is double thumbs up!

Robert, Cooking Team Leader

Robert has been part of the Health Barn Community for the past two years. He enjoys gardening and thinks growing your own vegetables is important to understand what healthy food tastes like. Robert also enjoys cooking and trying new recipes. He  recently made the banana chocolate chip muffins from Appetite for Life for his entire class.  Robert  thinks eating natural, wholesome foods will help you stay healthy and have a positive impact on your future health. He stays healthy by exercising, too!  His favorite sport is tennis but he plays volleyball and swims often.

Noah, Farm-to-Table Expert

Noah has been coming to camp for five years and still counting along with his sister Lana.  He really enjoys cooking with fresh ingredients from our garden.  This summer, he created the wildly popular butternut squash fries which was a crowd favorite with even the pickiest of eaters.  Noah also really loves to spend time in the garden.  When he’s not at the Barn, he enjoys running, camping and cooking at home, too!  Being at HealthBarn has really helped Noah to understand how important good nutrition is to having an overall healthy lifestyle.  He brings a fun and enthusiastic approach to all that he does that inspires many other kids, too!

If you have a questions or suggestions for the council members, please CONTACT US.