Eater’s Confession Booth: Group Eating

I’m in college and I live with a big group of friends.  I often get sucked into unnecessary snacking because everyone is hanging out, watching TV, and eating.  I’m usually not hungry when this happens, but I end up eating anyway to be part of the scene.  How do I break away from my friends’ [...]

2017-05-07T16:58:42-04:00December 19th, 2012|Eater's Confession Booth|

Eater’s Confession Booth: Diet Soda

I’m hooked to diet soda!  I reach for it at least 3 times a day, and while it’s calorie-free, I know it isn’t a natural beverage.  What are some natural, no-calorie alternatives? – A six-pack a day Hooked on Diet Coke? Kick that soda habit to the curb! (photo from A lot [...]

2017-05-06T17:02:37-04:00December 5th, 2012|Eater's Confession Booth|

Eater’s Confession Booth: Freebie Fiend

I can't help myself when there are treats at the office/ free food in general. How do I resist? – Freebie Fiend Freebies can be incredibly tempting!  Whether it’s the desire to save money, the allure of a surprise treat, or just pure convenience, most of us have trouble saying no to free food.  Unfortunately, [...]

2012-11-28T10:10:05-05:00November 28th, 2012|Eater's Confession Booth|

Eater’s Confession Booth: Candy Rewards

I’m rewarding my kids with candy for doing well on their tests, going to the doctor and after sports games. I know this isn’t a good idea, but how do I stop it? --Sweet Rewards It’s natural to want to reward kids for achieving goals or toughing out a stressful situation, but rewarding them with [...]

2017-05-06T16:16:23-04:00November 14th, 2012|Eater's Confession Booth|
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