Moms’ Burning Questions: Immunity Boosters

Flu season has been particularly bad this year—what should I be feeding my kids to help boost their immune systems? Cold and flu season means it’s time to load up the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E!  Here are some food recommendations that are natural immune boosters and popular with kids: Whole Grains such as [...]

2017-05-08T23:02:01-04:00February 14th, 2013|Moms' Burning Questions|

Moms’ Burning Questions: Juicing

All my friends are buying juicers and juicing for breakfast?  Is this healthy? Yum! Green juice! ( Juicing is a healthy way to take in some extra fruits and veggies for a boost of good nutrition, but it shouldn’t replace food at meal-times.  You actually lose the dietary fiber of the fruit and [...]

2017-05-08T23:07:50-04:00February 7th, 2013|Moms' Burning Questions|

Moms’ Burning Questions: School Lunch

My circumstances require me to rely on school lunch for my daughter, but she isn’t eating the food because, according to her, “It’s gross.”  And I believe it!  It doesn’t sound like she’s getting high quality nutritious food, which is what I try to provide at home.  What should I do? Now this is [...]

2017-05-07T17:25:35-04:00January 17th, 2013|Moms' Burning Questions|

Moms’ Burning Questions: Family Exercise

What are some things my family can do together for exercise? Exercise is equally important to a healthy lifestyle as eating right.  Staying active keeps your cardiovascular and respiratory systems strong, burns calories and boosts mood, too!  I’m so happy you want to exercise with your family because it’s a great opportunity to spend time [...]

2017-05-07T17:09:11-04:00January 3rd, 2013|Moms' Burning Questions|
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