DV: Ridgewood Campers Surprised by Hatching Turtles in Veggie Garden

"A group of campers at Ridgewood's HealthBarn USA at the Irene Habernickel family Park found 30 snapping turtle eggs buried under a pile of dirt while shoveling in the vegetable garden.  It was only a matter of minutes before a fully-developed snapping turtle hatched right before their eyes — it's birthing sac still attached.  They [...]

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Courier-Post: Camco library to take food literacy on the road

"Gingersnap cookies with flaxseed. Sweet potato pancakes. Creamy broccoli soup — without the cream. Asparagus guacamole. Black bean brownie  Those are some of the healthy recipes Stacey Antine, a registered dietitian and founder of Health Barn USA, likely will bring to South Jersey families as part of the Camden County Library System's new mobile food literacy center, [...]

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Boozy Burbs Blog: Ridgewood to Offer Organic Farming Program for Residents

"The team will be growing, harvesting and cooking organic produce and educating children and families why and what foods are best for good health at the Gate House and in the new organic teaching garden within the Green Acres-funded 10-acre horse farm at the Irene Habernickel Family Park (1057 Hillcrest Road)." To read the full article, click here!

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Yahoo Finance! New Public/Private Partnership Offers Healthy-Lifestyle Education for Children and Families

"Ridgewood Parks and Recreations Department serves hundreds of children through a variety of sports, cultural, and environmental programming.  "We recognized the need for this expansive healthy-lifestyle educational offering within our portfolio and felt that Stacey Antine and HealthBarn USA will deliver the professional programming we are known for," said Tim Cronin, Director of Parks and [...]

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HealthBarn USA Lease Adopted by Ridgewood

"I’m really looking forward to this partnership," Hauck said. "I thank everyone for their hard work, application, patience and dedication to excellent programming for Ridgewood residents. I think this is going to be something that we look back on and say, [while] it’s good to move cautiously and carefully and slowly, this is something that [...]

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Good News Network: Gift 4 Families Dealing with Cancer: 6,000 Take-Home Meals

“When families are in this time of stress, it’s s not a time to educate people about what they should be eating, it’s a time to make sure they’re getting what they need,” Antine told Good News Network. “That prompted me thinking, ‘How can I make that happen?’”  Antine went to a nonprofit and proposed the idea that [...]

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The Record: Healthy after-school snacks that kids will actually eat!

"When kids don't get a satisfying snack, they tend to overeat," says Stacey Antine, who opened Healthbarn USA in Wyckoff to offer educational programs for children. "We need to move away from thinking that snacks are a processed, packaged food," adds Antine, suggesting portable items such as whole wheat tortilla with nut butter and jam, [...]

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