HealthBarn USA Reusable Bottles for Sale

Hi everyone!  Our super cool camper, Jamie, insisted that HealthBarn USA needed to sell reusable water bottles since we are all about conserving water and plastic!  He sourced and purchased (using HealthBarn USA's credit card) 250 HealthBarn USA reusable water bottles on sale at the barn for $5.00 a bottle!  The campers are crazy about [...]

2017-05-04T10:20:52-04:00August 2nd, 2011|Photo of the Week|

Camp Trash n’ Show Finale

Trash Show Winner Still Undetermined! At local camp, HealthBarn USA, a dazzling fashion (dubbed trash n' show, due to use of discarded materials) show occurred.  The customes were brillant, and no clear winner was chosen.  In fact, all the contestants were winners! There was a trash bag ninja, and cool dresses, curtain clothes, a cardboard [...]

2017-05-04T10:19:23-04:00July 29th, 2011|Photo of the Week|

Girl Scouts Are Cool!

We are so grateful for all of the great work in the garden by Gabby, Cheryl, Katharine, Kelli, Gabby and their fearless leader Kim of Glen Rock, NJ Girl Scout Troop #255.  The girls expected our expectations for double digging and preparing many of our raised beds.  Thanks so much!

2017-05-04T10:09:54-04:00May 26th, 2011|Photo of the Week|
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