We had a really exciting day at the barn today!  Anchor Christine Ramon of CNN’s American Morning came out to HealthBarn USA to interview Stacey Antine, our founder, about the barn and she also got to hang out in the garden with first graders from the Montclair Cooperative School on a HealthBarn USA field trip.  The first graders are starting a school garden, so their field trip was a hands-on training on how-to grow food they want to eat.  And, we also got an infinity thumbs up for the Rainbow Swirley Smoothie — WOW!






The CNN business story came about because Stacey won Count Me In’s Make Mine A Millionaire Dollar Business business competition in November 2010.  Thank you Count Me In and American Express Blue for Business for helping to spread the word about what we are doing at HealthBarn USA so more families can get healthy, too!

The CNN segment about HealthBarn USA will air next week, so stay tuned for date and air time.



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