Welcome to our summer camper blog post from HealthBarn USA at Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center, Yorktown Heights, NY.

This is what happened at camp awesome:

1) We smell like chickens because we got to catch them today.  There were 7 chickens caught today by Jack and Lucy.

2) The compost looks gross, but smells cool and we are excited about creating soil for next year’s crops!

3) We established the “chopping block” so that all campers had a designated place to chop all the vegetables and herbs that we picked today in the garden.

4) We made homemade granola, yogurt sundaes and quinoa stuff bell peppers (and we are going to make the white bean dip now) — and the recipes got the thumbs up, but the quinoa stuffing was the best!

5) We created a new rule:  “try it, you’ll like it” does NOT apply to hot peppers!  We learned the hard way!

6) We picked a lot of vegetables to make the quinoa stuffing and we discovered that we loved the chickens.

Our job board was:

Chef:  Jack
Juicer: Zoey
Hand Sanitizer:  Kieran
Basketeer:  Lucy
Garden Shopper:  Colin
Clean Up:  Luke
Taste Tester:  Brendan
Rule Enforcer:  Will
OJ Boost Organizer:  Brendan

Counselors are awesome, the coolest people on the face of this earth and are the best we’ve ever had (we didn’t have to bribe them to say that!).

We are ready for juice bar with the VitaMix and Day #2!  Stay tuned!

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