Meet Kayden who was transformed from a cookie monster to a crunching cauliflower fan during a recent HealthBarn USA “Try It, You’ll Like” School Assembly.  We think our assembly is amazing, but of course we do, because we’re drinking the Cool-Aid (NOT!).  Stacey and the team are crazy busy with 5-7 assemblies every week.  Why?  Because our fun, hands-on approach motivates kids to WANT to be healthy — how cool is that?  Still not convinced?

Check out the latest letters from teachers and students about how one assembly makes a big difference in their lives.

1) The Brownstone School “The students are still talking about the smoothie!  I’ve even had many staff approach me with comments like, ‘I never knew edamame tasted so good.  And, I’m going to start buying soy milk.'” Susan Silvestri, FFVP coordinator.  This assembly was sponsored by Life n’ Sync.

2) Washington Irving School #4 Garfield, NJ.  We received so many wonderful letters from the students at School #4.  Their enthusiasm about being healthy makes us want to eat even more fruits and veggies!  We selected some of our favorites for you to read, such as, “I learned that food could taste great and still be healthy.  I’m going to eat healthier and get enough sleep.  I’m changing my life to try to be healthier!”  Their artwork is inspiring, too!

Have you had a HealthBarn USA assembly at your school, yet?  What are you waiting for… call Molly today at 201-891-2066 to book the experience that just keeps giving!

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