Master Chefs, Ages 12+

About Master Chefs

This advanced culinary program for children takes cooking and eating healthy to a whole new level. These teens must demonstrate appropriate safe knife skills, cooking knowledge, be able to follow recipes, and have fun working in teams to inspire their culinary creations.  If your child loves to cook, this is a great opportunity to put skills into practice with a variety of sweet and savory recipes made from scratch.

The 10-week program is offered after school during the fall, winter and spring seasons.  For the summer season, please consider registering for summer camp.

“My kids (ages 14 and 12) have been a part of the HealthBarn family for years! They started with summer camp many years ago and have continued taking classes throughout the years. Both my kids are now in the Master Chefs program and enjoy creating recipes and sharing them with other kids.  Because of HealthBarn, my children make healthy choices for themselves, have the skills to cook healthy meals and choose nutritious ingredients and know first-hand the value of growing their own vegetables. We have a small herb garden and the kids enjoy using these fresh ingredients when they cook at home.”

– A HealthBarn USA mom

Teens, ages 12+ who love to cook and create delicious dishes in a team atmosphere.

The program transforms kids into adventurous healthy eaters by supporting their culinary skills development both at the Barn’s kitchen and at home!

Want to Use Your Skills to Give Back?

You are welcome to join us as a community volunteer to cook for Healing Meals, a nutritious food gifting program for families with ill children and seniors in need.

Contact us to get involved.