Pollinators, mixed ages


About the Pollinators

This 10-week hands-on experience offered after-school and Saturday mornings in the fall, winter and spring seasons welcome siblings, cousins and friends of varied ages to have fun learning about living a healthy-lifestyle together!  Join us to sprout the seeds of good nutrition and fun.

This one-of-kind, nationally recognized program engages your child in:

  • Cooking natural and nutritious HealthBarn recipes.
  • Organic gardening, composting and nature hikes.
  • Learning nutrition through fun activities.
  • Establishing regular meals and exercise patterns.
  • Developing self-esteem and confidence in making healthy choices.
  • Practicing good manners, oral hygiene and food safety.
  • Making new friends is special at the Barn!

“It’s so nice to hear that my son was pitching in and helping out and enjoying gardening. He really had a wonderful time at Healthbarn. He is quite honest about his experiences, and he won’t say something is good if it’s not. He liked all of the activities and all of other kids and teachers. He said, “everybody’s a nice person,” and we were so happy to hear that.”

– Mom of Pollinator

Children of varied ages have the opportunity to experience first-hand where their food comes from and why these foods are important for their bodies.

The class is appropriate for kids who love their vegetables to the pickiest of eaters — our proven approach is effective in enhancing or changing habits for the child’s long-term health.

Ready to go to the Next Level?

As your Pollinator puts his healthy habits into practice, he is ready to expand his knowledge about food, nutrition, agriculture and the environment by graduating into the Harvesters, ages 8-12 program.

As a member of the HealthBarn USA family, please inquire about our returning families rate for all of our programs.

If you have any questions, please CONTACT US!