Seedlings, Ages 3-5

About Seedlings

This nurturing hands-on experience is designed to introduce children at a young age to try a variety of natural foods, to cultivate skills in growing and chopping fresh produce and to build a solid foundation for their overall wellness.

The 10-week program is offered early afternoons during the fall, winter and spring seasons.  The summer program follows a different schedule. Each season brings a new adventure into the discovery of growing, cooking and eating fresh foods from nature. Parents receive our weekly deliciously nutritious recipes to support family activities at home.

“My 4 year old son is getting so much out of HealthBarn’s Seedlings class. He started last Fall and continues to be excited about the class, and especially loves getting to plant food in the garden. Not only is he now willingly trying lots of new foods, especially vegetables he thought he didn’t like before, he’s now asking where the food he’s eating comes from and how it grows… As a Mom and a Registered Dietitian I couldn’t be happier that he’s having so much fun learning about food and nutrition!”

– A Seedling mom

Our youngest expert taste testers, ages 3-5 have the opportunity to experience first-hand where their food comes from and why these foods are important for their bodies.

The class is appropriate for children who love their vegetables to the pickiest of eaters — our proven approach is effective in enhancing or changing habits for the child’s long-term health.

Ready to Sprout to the Next Level?

As your Seedling begins to develop healthy habits that will stick with her for life, she or he can continue to explore these important food and nutrition concepts by graduating into the Sprouts program for children, ages 5-7.

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