Seedlings Growing & Learning Enrichment, Ages 2.5-5

About Seedlings Enrichment

Our nationally recognized Seedlings program for early learners is growing to meet the needs of our youngest taste testers, chefs in training and organic gardeners. The ever changing dynamic outdoor classrooms at the Barn is naturally an environment for children to grow and thrive by learning through play and hands-on skill development. Socialization takes place with children and Mother Nature for an abundance of fun learning to live a healthy-lifestyle.

While exploring the world around them, each child learns and grows through books, arts and crafts, and songs and movement. This fun and engaging program enhances each individual child’s fine and gross motor skills, too.  The positive play and cooking experiences enable children to work creatively while promoting their social, emotional, and physical development.

Offered weekday mornings or early afternoons; and presented in a warm, and, nurturing environment, Seedling Enrichment facilitates the joy of lifelong learning.

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“We wanted to thank you, and your amazing staff, for an incredible seedlings experience for little Ryan! He really blossomed this semester, in large part to Ms. Julie, the assistant teachers, and the curriculum. I know being in nature and cooking healthy foods is beyond important for kids, but I appreciate it even more now, after seeing it first hand with this littlest bunch. Also, thanks for letting me be a part of his first class experience, so he could slowly separate. It was a really special time, for both of us!”

– A happy mom

Planting the seeds of good nutrition!  Our youngest expert taste testers, ages 2.5-5 have the opportunity to experience first-hand where their food comes from and why these foods are important for their bodies — a foundation they will have for life.  What’s for snack?  Each day the children, chop, mix, stir and help prepare a nutritious recipe from scratch for snack — what a joy!

Looking for Seedlings after-school classes?

If your Seedling is busy weekday mornings, we have a variety of Seedling after-school enrichment opportunities early or late afternoons held seasonally.  Here’s how to explore the Seedlings program for children, ages 3-5.

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