Sprouts, Ages 5-7


About Sprouts

This dynamic program aims to educate children and their families and develop skills about how to develop healthy behaviors and incorporate them as habits in their everyday lives by exploring their five senses through cooking, organic gardening, and playing fun games.

The 10-week program is offered weekly after school during the fall, winter and spring seasons.  For the summer season, please consider registering for summer camp. Each season brings a new adventure of taste, touch, sight, sound and smell to creatively connect our young chefs in training to their food choices for their overall health and well-being.

“My kids Connor and Caitlyn love the HealthBarn. Eating used to be such a struggle for my son. It would literally take him an hour with tears to eat a tiny piece of chicken. Stacey and her team are very caring and nurturing and with their encouragement, Connor now eats tofu, glass noodles and other foods that I would not expect. Not only has Connor improved in his eating, he also loves to compost and garden. His younger sister Caitlyn also gets excited going to the Barn and will frequently tell me which foods will give her strong muscles so she can be a superhero like her brother.

I highly recommend Stacey and her team at the HealthBarn to everyone I meet.”

– Kelly, Mom of a Sprout and Seedling

Our youngest chefs in training, ages 5-7 have the opportunity to experience first-hand where their food comes from and why these foods are important for their bodies.

The class is appropriate for kids who love their vegetables to the pickiest of eaters — our proven approach is effective in enhancing or changing habits for the child’s long-term health.

Ready to go to the Next Level?

As your Sprout puts his healthy habits into practice, he is ready to expand his knowledge about food, nutrition, agriculture and the environment by graduating into the Harvesters, ages 8-12 program.

As a member of the HealthBarn USA family, please inquire about our returning families rate for all of our programs.

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