Pumpkin Buckwheat Pancake Recipe:  Pumpkin in our pancakes?  Why not!  Take advantage of pumpkin season when these large orange fruits, loaded with beta carotene, are easy to find.  We used buckwheat flour in this yummy pancake because it’s a rich source of flavonoids (plus it’s edible for people with wheat allergies), and we added ground flaxseeds to provide omega-3 fatty acids.  This delicious, vitamin-packed pancake is easy and fun to make with the whole family!  Drizzled with pure maple syrup, this recipe is a fall favorite.  Click here for the recipe.

Bonus:  Host Halloween triva fun to take the focus away from candy this year!  Create fun trivia facts around Halloween written on index cards and placed in a plastic pumpkin or decorative box.  Pick a card each day leading up to Halloween to build excitement.  See below for a start to fun facts:

Q:  What is the largest fruit there is?  A. Pumpkin
Q:  How many pumpkins are grown in the US each year?  A. 1.5 billion pounds
Q:  How much do people spend on average on Halloween costumes?  A. $30-$50
Q:  What was the most popular Halloween costume in 2011?  A. Spider Man
Q:  How heavy is the largest pumpkin in history?  A. 2,009 pounds
Q.  When did modern day trick or treating begin in the US? A. Records date back to 1911
Q.  What film debuted in 1910 as one of the oldest US horror movies? A. Frankenstein
Q.  How much candy corn is produced in FACTORIES each year?  A. 20  million pounds
Q.  What Halloween treat originated in New Jersey in 1908?  A. The candy apple
Q.  What is the number one FEAR of Americans?  A. Public Speaking

Happy Halloween!


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