Today was an exciting day for HealthBarn USA as we watched 340 kids power through our super salad bar loaded with veggies!  The Wellness Committee at Stillman Elementary School in Tenafly, NJ finally got a salad bar approved as an offering for Monday lunch beginning April 4.  They teamed up with HealthBarn USA to help promote it for the official online registration that went live today.  We designed the 45-minute program to include our seasonal food game and an actual salad bar for all students to TRY (a 100 kids at a time — so we did it 3 times — so tired!).  And, after the students returned to their classroom, each class had the opportunity to come up with a name for the salad bar, too!  We are voting for Groovy Greens…

If you are thinking about introducing a salad bar or need to boost student participation, it’s all about making it fun for more kids to sign up!  We would love to partner with you to make it happen and help reduce plate waste — the bowls today were squeaky clean.

Stay tuned on how many sign-ups Stillman gets this week!

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