DIY Kid Activities: Nature Crowns

As spring approaches, kids are really excited to get back outdoors!  One of my favorite activities for this time of year is to make nature crowns.  Kids love exploring outside and collecting things to put in their crowns.  When we do this activity HealthBarn USA, we love seeing the cool things that kids find in [...]

2017-05-08T22:43:10-04:00March 20th, 2013|DIY Kid Activities|

DIY Kid Activities: Valentine’s Day Heart Collage

In celebration of Valentine’s Day—and because February is Heart Health Month—this week’s DIY Kid Activity is to make a Healthy Heart Collage to hang in your room or on the refrigerator!  Choose the most colorful photos of your favorite healthy foods.  It will be a great reminder of how much you love your heart and [...]

2017-05-08T23:03:15-04:00February 13th, 2013|DIY Kid Activities|

DIY Kid Activities: Paper Snakes for Chinese New Year!

This coming Sunday is Chinese New Year!  The New Year is filled with colorful celebrations, paper lanterns, and special food and gifts.  The focus of the celebration is typically on wealth, longevity, and happiness.  According to Chinese tradition, each year is associated with an animal, and 2013 is the year of the snake.  In honor [...]

2017-05-08T23:10:30-04:00February 6th, 2013|DIY Kid Activities|

DIY Kid Activities: Paper Mache

Use this paper mache fish to go fishing for omega-3 fatty acids! ( Paper mache projects are always a big hit at HealthBarn USA.  There’s an arts and crafts element, but there’s also an ooey-gooey, messy element that kids just love getting their hands into.  Plus, it includes a lesson about recycling by [...]

2017-05-08T23:14:10-04:00January 30th, 2013|DIY Kid Activities|

DIY Kid Activities: Litter Bugs!

At HealthBarn USA, one of our Seven Healthy Habits that we teach kids is recycling. This arts and crafts activity allows kids to flex their creative muscles and put the 3 R’s–Reduce, Reuse and Recycle--into practice.  The ” litter bug” they create will help remind them about the importance of keeping the environment clean and [...]

2017-05-07T17:12:26-04:00January 9th, 2013|DIY Kid Activities|
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