Hands-On Recipe: Holy Stromboli

Tasty bell peppers steamed to perfection. We are crazy for this delicious, easy to make Stromboli recipe that kids (and adults, too!) are raving about.  It’s a super simple dinner and a great way to get good nutrition to boost the immune system.  If there are leftovers, pack it for a school lunch [...]

2022-10-06T15:24:11-04:00September 2nd, 2022|Current Happenings, Media Buzz|

Hands-On Recipe: Rainbow Quinoa Salad

Rainbow Quinoa Salad  This fresh and flavorful creation uses the whole grain quinoa So bright & colorful you need sunglasses! (pronounced keen-wah), which is the only grain that naturally contains protein. The combination of vitamin C and iron in this recipe is really important, because your body uses the vitamin C to help [...]

2017-05-05T17:53:44-04:00May 14th, 2015|Current Happenings|
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