Weekly Seasonal Recipe: Broccoli Rabe

Also known as “rapini,” broccoli rabe (pronounced "rob") has a lot in common with—you guessed it—broccoli!  While the two veggies don’t look exactly alike (broccoli rabe is much leafier), their nutritional profiles are similar.  One cup of raw chopped broccoli rabe is excellent source of vitamins A and K, and a good source of vitamin [...]

2017-05-08T22:53:33-04:00March 4th, 2013|Weekly Seasonal Recipe|

Weekly Seasonal Recipe: Broccoli

photo from www.thedailygreen.com BROCCOLI Broccoli is a well known vegetable, but few people realize that it is actually a member of the cabbage family.  This veggie, which looks a lot like a little tree, is an excellent source of vitamins C and K, and a good source of vitamin A, folate (which helps [...]

2017-05-06T15:47:49-04:00October 15th, 2012|Weekly Seasonal Recipe|
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