Chef Table Event 10/26: Fall Equinox & Pescatarian Dinner

Calling all Foodies!  HealthBarn USA proudly presents our first Chef Table Event:  Fall Equinox & Pescatarian Dinner on Wednesday, October 26 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm featuring our friend Chef Michael Carrino, chef and partner of Trois Cochons, operators of Pig & Prince Restaurant and Gastro-Lounge in Montclair, NJ, and “Chopped Champion” of Food Network’s inaugural [...]

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Heart Healthy Foods!

Carrots are heart healthy! February is Heart Health Month!  At HealthBarn USA we are all about sharing important information about living a healthy-lifestyle, so you too can make informed choices about the health and well-being of yourself and your loved ones! By eating the good stuff and being active you can make a big difference in how your "ticker" ticks!  [...]

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DIY Kid Activities: Paper Mache

Use this paper mache fish to go fishing for omega-3 fatty acids! ( Paper mache projects are always a big hit at HealthBarn USA.  There’s an arts and crafts element, but there’s also an ooey-gooey, messy element that kids just love getting their hands into.  Plus, it includes a lesson about recycling by [...]

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