Hands-On Recipe: Chocolate Chickpea Chippers

Deliciously Nutritious! "We love the Chocolate Chickpea Chipper recipe!!!  Looking forward to making them for our on the go SNACKS!!!-:), The Best Family" Chocolate Chickpea Chippers We know what you’re thinking - cookies made with chickpeas? But these cookies are a delicious, healthy alternative to traditional chocolate chip cookies without sacrificing any flavor!  [...]

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The Record: Nourishing the Careworn

The Bergen Record's Better Living Section:  Giving Back: Maywood's Alice Wright Helps Lead a Free Food Program for Families with Sick Children... "Alice Wright won’t meet the Cortez family or any other recipients. She doesn’t hand them the meals. They won’t know the name of the Maywood resident, who likely had a hand in preparing [...]

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Mini Coffee Cakes

Mini Coffee Cakes with Flaxseed Walnut Streusel Named Coffee Cake because it is usually served along with the popular breakfast New favorite muffin at the Barn! beverage; we’d recommend your kids skipping the coffee part (but mom may need the caffeine boost every now and then!). Our version is made in a mini [...]

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Be Smart When Dining Out

We love to eat out and we know that our families do, too! We really Family Time is Fun Time! enjoy tasty food and like experiencing new places that inspire our creativity by offering different types of ethnic cuisines. It’s also a great time to relax with friends and family without worrying about [...]

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Hands-On Recipe: Rainbow Quinoa Salad

Rainbow Quinoa Salad  This fresh and flavorful creation uses the whole grain quinoa So bright & colorful you need sunglasses! (pronounced keen-wah), which is the only grain that naturally contains protein. The combination of vitamin C and iron in this recipe is really important, because your body uses the vitamin C to help [...]

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Composting Year-Round? Go Worms!

Hot Trend:  Indoor Composting with Red Worms! Thumbs up Uncle Jim's Worm Farm! Composting is key to living a healthy-lifestyle.  Why?  It's linked to our food choices.  I teach the children (and grown-ups who love them!) that when we eat fruits and vegetables, our waste can be composted to make healthy soil, then, [...]

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Hands-On Recipe: Sweet Potato Crunchies

Moms are calling them sweet potato tots! Sweet Potato Crunchies* Are you trying to get your family to eat more sweet potatoes?  We promise they will not be able to resist these “crunchies” also known as "sweet potato tots."  They disappear as soon as we make them so prepare to double the recipe. [...]

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Spring into Gardening this Season!

Eager hands await more sorrel! Spring is in the Air, It's Garden Time -- FINALLY!  At HealthBarn USA we are all about sharing important information about living a healthy-lifestyle, so you too can bring these exciting concepts home to your family!  This month we are all about planting HealthBarn USA's organic vegetable garden [...]

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Hands-On Recipe: Chicken Fiesta Fajitas

Fajitas = Fun Family Meals Chicken Fiesta Fajitas!  We use a cinnamon “dry rub” to season this chicken instead of a vegetable oil marinade, to keep saturated fat low and the chicken tasty and tender.  Cinnamon is a natural insulin sensitizer, meaning that it helps to keep your blood sugar stable.  We use [...]

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Practice 7 Healthy Habits Everyday!

Welcome to the New Year!  It's a great reminder for us to practice HealthBarn USA’s seven healthy habits.  Practicing these good habits everyday will help you and your family be happy, strong, and of course, healthy! Eat fruits and vegetables. They have a lot of color that comes from vitamins and minerals, so when eating [...]

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