Hands-On Recipe: Mini Frittatas

Mini Potato Leek Frittatas Deliciously sized meal served with a salad! Eggs aren’t just for breakfast anymore. These little frittatas have a big taste and are more than a Sunday morning favorite; leftovers (if you have any) are great for lunch and dinner any day of the week. Savor our seasonal combination of [...]

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Weekly Seasonal Recipe: Ramps

RAMPS Ramps look a little like leafy scallions and taste like garlic and onions (www.organicgardening.com) I’m betting that a majority of you have never eaten, or maybe even seen, a ramp.  But ramps are one of spring’s treasures!  Ramps are a type of wild leek, which look like a scallion with wider leaves [...]

2017-05-08T22:19:47-04:00April 29th, 2013|Weekly Seasonal Recipe|

Weekly Seasonal Recipe: Potatoes

POTATOES We’ve already shared with you our love of sweet potatoes, but we don’t want regular potatoes to feel left out—they have so much to offer!  While the carb-phobic may tell you that potatoes are a starchy enemy, the truth is that they actually have a lot of nutritional value.  Just leave the skin on!  [...]

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