Chef Table 5/17/17: Beyond Locavore: The New American Food Frontier

Calling all Foodies!  HealthBarn USA proudly welcomes back Chef Michael Carrino for Chef Table Event:  Beyond Locavore: The New American Food Frontier on Wednesday, May 17 from 6:30 - 9:00 pm.  Chef Carrino, chef and partner of Trois Cochons, operators of Pig & Prince Restaurant and Gastro-Lounge in Montclair, NJ, and “Chopped Champion” of Food Network’s inaugural [...]

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Eat Local with the Seasons

You can smell how good these taste before you bite one! Spring into this season by taking the I Eat Local Pledge!  I'm all about promoting the importance of eating locally grown fresh produce in season as often as possible!  Why?  It's best for your body and for the environment, too!  There is [...]

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Eat Naturally with the Seasons!

Eat Naturally with the Seasons! Try the Bounty of the Fall Harvest! Many people turn to packaged, processed food for their healthy choices out of convenience and wanting the next new super food!  Nature doesn't have a big advertising budget to promote it's goodness, so Mother Nature needs our help to spread the [...]

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Weekly Seasonal Recipe: Strawberries

STRAWBERRIES It’s time to harvest strawberries! Strawberries are the most popular fruit among  kids!  They’re way better than candy when they’re fresh and in season, as they are right now.  Sweet, juicy, and super nutritious: what more could you ask for?  One cup of halved strawberries is an excellent source of vitamin C [...]

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Moms’ Burning Questions: Should I Buy Organic?

A hot topic around the Barn is about the difference between organic, conventional, and local produce.  Parents see all kinds of labeling at the supermarket, but what does it really mean, and what should you buy? This type of labeling (organic vs. conventional vs. local) is one of the most confusing things for conscientious food [...]

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