Sweet Potato Gnocchi & Basil Pesto

Sweet Potato Gnocchi & Basil Pesto Easy to Make, Delish to Eat! Gnocchi (pronounced knee-oh-key) is a fun word to say but it’s even more fun to eat! We added sweet potatoes to this classic Italian pasta to give it a big boost of vitamins and minerals - including an amazing boost of [...]

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Weekly Seasonal Recipe: Basil

BASIL A full and beautiful basil plant! (hort.purdue.edu) Summer is a great time for growing herbs.  We’ve got them growing every which way we look!  One of our favorite summertime herbs is basil.  It has a very distinct taste—a little like licorice, or anise, and sometimes lemon, depending on the variety.  It goes [...]

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Weekly Seasonal Recipe: Garlic Scapes

GARLIC SCAPES Curly-q scapes at the market. Garlic scapes are one of those wonderful foods that somehow many people don’t know about at all!  They’re sort of a happy side effect of growing garlic.  Garlic plants have long, skinny leaves that shoot out above ground, as well as thick, curling stems called scapes. [...]

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Weekly Seasonal Recipe: Savoy Spinach

SAVOY SPINACH Hearty savoy spinach (http://www.grow-it-organically.com/) Spinach is one of the better known leafy greens, and it deserves all the attention it gets!  Just one cup of raw spinach leaves is an excellent source of vitamins A and K, and a good source of vitamin C, folate, and the mineral manganese.  Plus, as [...]

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