Hands-On Recipe: Raspberry Crumble

Photo credit: The New York Times. This delicious baked dessert tastes so indulgent – parents and kids say it’s too good to be healthy! But it contains heart healthy fats so we can have it for dessert or as an after-school snack served with some yogurt. Ingredients: 1½ cups Crunchy Granola with Walnuts [...]

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DIY Kid Activities: Raspberry Fruit Spread

Berry season is upon us, and the campers at HealthBarn USA can’t get enough of those sweet-tart little fruits, whether it’s a strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, or blackberry.  The berries will be gone in a couple of short months, but until then, we’ll put berries on everything!  Raspberry season is here, and we're all about [...]

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Weekly Seasonal Recipe: Raspberries

Freshly grown raspberries --yum! (amsterdamfreelibrary.org) RASPBERRIES Soon enough, little red raspberries will be popping up on our beloved raspberry bushes at HealthBarn USA, and we can’t wait!  Not only are raspberries delicious, but they’re also an excellent source of dietary fiber, the antioxidant vitamin C, and the mineral manganese, as well as a [...]

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