Weekly Seasonal Recipe: Parsnips

Parsnips are sweet, starchy, and full of nutrients. We love them in chicken noodle soup! (realsimple.com) PARSNIPS Parsnips look a lot like whitish carrots, but they’re actually quite different!  They are sweeter than carrots and this root vegetable is a nutrition powerhouse, too!  Just one cup of raw parsnips is an excellent source [...]

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Weekly Seasonal Recipe: Rutabaga

RUTABAGA Rutabagas are often half white and half purple (www.wikipedia.com) The rutabaga is sort of a cross between a turnip and a cabbage.  It’s softball-sized, and sometimes half purple and half white—the purple part having been above ground and touched by sunlight.  It has the texture of a very crunchy apple, with a [...]

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Weekly Seasonal Recipe: Turnips

Boost your immune system with turnips! (vegancoach.com) TURNIPS Turnips are part of the same club as many winter veggies: under-used and under-appreciated.  But at the Barn we love our turnips!  They look similar to radishes or rutabagas, and have the same bitter flavor.  Turnips tend to be mostly white with just a splash [...]

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Weekly Seasonal Recipe: Beets

The roots and stems of a beet--don't forget about the greens, too! (www.veggiegardener.com) BEETS Beets are one of the sweetest root veggies around, and also one of the most versatile.  Because they’re naturally sweet, kids typically give them thumbs up. At the Barn we teach kids that they can eat the beet greens [...]

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Weekly Seasonal Recipe: Celeriac

Celeriac may not be pretty, but it's definitely delicious (www.culinary.com) CELERIAC Winter in the northeast gives us a bounty of root veggies to get us through the cold months—and many of them are also downright funny-looking.  Celeriac is one of those!  Many people avoid buying it because it’s not the prettiest veggie, and [...]

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