Hands On Recipe: Chop Chop Veggie Fried Rice

Chop Chop Veggie Fried Rice Loaded with good nutrition! This delicious and nutritious vegetable fried rice received so many double thumbs up from kids that parents are demanding the recipe! This veggie-packed fried rice is loaded with good nutrition with no trace of artificial flavorings or preservatives. It’s protein-packed, an excellent source of [...]

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Current Happenings: Kids WANT Vegetables!

Daikon radish greens make for crazy hair! Meet the Statue of Kale Kids Want Vegetables!  This has been the mantra for the month of October in my world and I'm inspired to share my experiences with you!  While I meet hundreds of parents who complain that their kids don't eat vegetables, [...]

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Hands-On Recipe: Shabu-Shabu HealthBarn USA

Best activity for veggie eating! Shabu shabu translates to “swish swish,” in Japanese, and that is what you do when cooking this dish. You take these natural ingredients, “swish” them in the vegetable broth, and watch them cook right in front of your eyes! This low-fat meal is high in vitamins A and [...]

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How-to Start an Organic Veggie Garden!

It's Sunny and Warm... It's Garden Time!  At HealthBarn USA we are all about sharing important information about living a healthy-lifestyle, so you too can bring these exciting concepts home to your family!  I've been teaching the Organic Veggie 101 Workshop at the Barn to many first time gardeners and I'm excited to report that [...]

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