Food is Too Good To Waste Tips

Did you know that half of all food produced in the United States is wasted every year?  And, that households are the largest contributors to food waste?  At HealthBarn USA, we like to get creative and make sure that we are getting the most out of our fruits and veggies so that nothing gets wasted [...]

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Go Fresh, It’s Best!

Go Fresh, It's Best! Veggies are everywhere!  This is my favorite time of year because Picking blackberries in our garden! everywhere I look there are fresh, local fruits and vegetables just waiting to be picked (and cooked of course!).  When I visit our garden it's so fun to discover what's ready to be [...]

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Composting Year-Round? Go Worms!

Hot Trend:  Indoor Composting with Red Worms! Thumbs up Uncle Jim's Worm Farm! Composting is key to living a healthy-lifestyle.  Why?  It's linked to our food choices.  I teach the children (and grown-ups who love them!) that when we eat fruits and vegetables, our waste can be composted to make healthy soil, then, [...]

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Spring into Gardening this Season!

Eager hands await more sorrel! Spring is in the Air, It's Garden Time -- FINALLY!  At HealthBarn USA we are all about sharing important information about living a healthy-lifestyle, so you too can bring these exciting concepts home to your family!  This month we are all about planting HealthBarn USA's organic vegetable garden [...]

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