We are so excited that three wonderful home economic teachers have been with us at the barn for the past three days!  They were eager to learn how we teach healthy living at the barn.  We are having a great time and they would like to share their experiences with you…

At first we would like to thank Stacey to be the best host!

We saw her on Rachael Ray show a couple of years ago and were absolutely smitten with the idea of HealthBarn.

The reason for us wanting to come over and learn from HealthBarn is that we think our kids in Iceland are heading in the wrong direction health-wise. We hope we can bring back ideas that we will use in the kitchen (recipes etc.) and out in our garden to teach in our classes back in Iceland.

We started at the Hilltop Hanover Farm and followed the kids from Speyer Legacy School. We really enjoyed seeing how enthusiastic the kids were picking vegetables from the garden and making their farm pizzas.

Then we’ve been following different age groups at Abma’s Farm and the kids are all so great both in the garden and the kitchen. Stacey, Molly, Margaret and the other teachers really do a great job to get the kids aware of healthy habits.

Thank you so much for having us.

Betty, Gudlaug and Julia.

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