The garlic is growing big time in the HealthBarn USA garden!  At this stage of the plant’s life after the early leaves form, the scapes (see above) sprout quickly.  The garlic scapes are flower stalks (that actually don’t produce flowers) that grow from the center of the plant.  It’s important to cut the scapes at the base at this time because they take energy away from the bulb growing under the soil. 

Farmers used to just throw the garlic scapes into the compost pile, but recently their flavors were discovered by foodies and now they are considered a delicacy!  We are crazy about basil and spinach pestos, so we decided to experiment with garlic scape pesto.  This delicious recipe really made our taste buds happy!  In fact, the HealthBarn USA Garlic Scape Pesto served over whole wheat pasta got double thumbs up and a whole body up, too!  Enjoy!

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