It’s all about kale at HealthBarn USA this spring, especially during the Seedlings class, ages 3-5, this week.  Moms were shocked that we were growing kale in the garden — they thought it was a fall veggie.  Kale is a cool crop, so it loves the early spring and fall season.  A good tip is to let the fall kale go to “seed” and then, it will re-seed itself over the winter (and it over-winters well) and you will have yummy kale in early spring without any effort. 

The seedlings went food shopping in the HealthBarn USA garden this afternoon for kale to make sure they had enough of the leafy green to go home with to make the kale chips (if the recipe got a thumbs up, of course!).  They loved kale raw… one for the bag and one to nibble on at all times.  Our pickiest seedlings tried it too and gave it a thumbs up!

Kale is a super nutritious green that is loaded with vitamin K which is good for your blood; with calcium that keeps bones and teeth strong; and with vitamins A and C to protect you from getting sick! — WOW!  Back in the barn after hands were washed, the Seedlings helped prepare the super delicious and simple HealthBarn USA Kale Chips recipe.  They were very curious about these chips because they usually chips made from potatoes.

Finally a Seedling asked, “What is a kale chip, is it crunchy?”  While another Seedling refused to try it…. but these chips were too hard to resist because they smelled so good and were super crunchy, too!  They got a thumbs up from all of the Seedlings who left smiling with the recipe and a bag of kale in hand.  There parents followed beaming because they were so happy their little peeps ate the green stuff!


Don’t miss out on this super veggie this spring season.  The HealthBarn USA kids love the Kale Chips or like eating it raw, too!  Download the recipe and tell us what you think by emailing [email protected]

Thanks for following all the action at the barn.  Wishing you a healthy day!


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