Although I eat frozen yogurt at least twice each week, my family enjoys Tutti Fruiti and 16 Handles as special treats.  I understand that yogurt has wonderful nutritional benefits, but I am most concerned about the calorie counts and health benefits for their delicious add-ons, especially the carob chips and chocolate crunch toppings. Are these low-fat treats really healthy?

How healthy is that “yogurt?” (

Frozen yogurt made with natural ingredients and containing probiotics (good bugs!) is a good choice, but where kids and adults go sideways is on the toppings, which can quickly “junk up” a good thing.  Fruit toppings may add some sugar, but they are definitely better than the chocolate crunch and sprinkle toppings—so your intuition is spot on.  Personally, I went to 16 Handles last week to check it out for myself, and I must admit it’s hard to resist the mini chocolate peanut butter cups and wide variety of candy toppings overshadowing the few fruit choices.  However, if you and your kids can stick with the frozen yogurt and go light on the toppings, this treat seems to be a good choice.  Keep in mind that some “frozen yogurt” shops don’t actually serve yogurt at all, but rather an artificial, yogurt-like dessert.  If you can, check the ingredients list to make sure you’re getting real yogurt and all those digestive system benefits that go along with it!

For home, I really like Lifeway’s Pro Bug products.  Here’s my blog post about it, plus yogurt in general!

– Stacey Antine, MS RD, author, Appetite for Life, founder, HealthBarn USA, co-host, Family Food Expert Internet Radio Show, and recognized as top 10 dietitians nationally by Today’s Dietitian magazine for her work with HealthBarn USA

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