“Our teaching garden is completely taken care of by children, and it includes growing produce as well as composting and learning the skills to grow their own food at home,” says Stacey Antine, M.S., R.D.N, founder of Healthbarn USA.

Healthbarn USA started with a 100-by-50-foot parcel of land that was covered with grass and had soil that was compacted and needed nourishment, according to Antine. “We have been breaking ground on cultivating an organic vegetable garden from a barren area between a barn and playground where horses used to run for exercise,” she says. “We sod cut the top off and then used an excavator to break up the soil, which felt like concrete, and then shipped in thirty-five yards of organic black compost to amend the soil and get it going. This summer we will be in full production and hope to get some bumper crops.”

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