Yes, it’s true, popcorn is a super whole grain!  These yellow kernels have a bad reputation because the majority of popcorn eaten in the US is movie-style or from microwaveable bags loaded with saturated and VERY high in sodium.  Click here to get the facts about this super grain loaded with polypenols that help keep your immune system strong to fight off illness!

At HealthBarn USA, we know that kids (and adults, too!) love popcorn and that it’s good for them, so we needed to find a way for them to eat in a wholesome way!  One of the most popular recipes at the barn is our Popcorn with Brain Butter.  The kernels are air-popped using a machine that blows hot air (crazy concept!).  These simple, inexpensive machines are a must buy!  When we popped this recipe during the Lake Tahoe assemblies, KMART was sold out in one day — go kids!  Target and Kmart have a good selection, but if you find one that pops in hot air that you really like, please post the brand!

Get popping today!

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