Growing & Learning!

We are excited to offer the year-round Seedlings Growing and Learning Enrichment Program, for children ages 3-5, beginning Fall 2021.  This is a transitional healthy-lifestyle educational experience, perfect for children who are not ready for a structured classroom environment, but need to engage!  These young children will benefit from an “in person” dynamic and nurturing learning and social experience outdoors on the patio kitchen, organic garden and in nature.  Please read more about this unique opportunity from HealthBarn USA’s founder and director, Stacey Antine, MS, RDN.

Our nationally recognized healthy-lifestyle curriculum for young learners developed as the need and research supported healthy habits stick for a lifetime of wellness when introduced at an early age.  We know that whether the child is picky or a great eater, the social pressures, food availability and fast-paced lifestyles make nutrition education a mandatory subject these days.  We have been empowering children to grow, harvest, cook and eat their hand-grown produce and to develop the skills to thrive in their lives for over 15 years.

Due to the pandemic, we extended the hours and offered the Seedlings program in the mornings since many parents were looking for this option for children not attending pre-K.  Then, a few parents requested participating twice a week.  The first “pilot” started with six children who participated twice a week, grew and thrived during their Spring 2021 session for 10-weeks.

We also started to observe the transition challenges of so many young children, ages 3-5, from home to a new environment with peers.  We knew the children needed more nurturing and support to build trust that life is safe and joyful with or without mom and dad.  HealthBarn is that happy place for so many children.  We knew we could do more with the Seedlings program, so the seed was planted!

We teamed up with early childhood development specialists to develop this exciting curriculum to meet the needs of children.  We have been offering safe and healthy classes throughout the pandemic beginning in July 2020 with most of our classes outdoors in our beautiful environment as well as indoors during inclement weather or bathroom breaks with plenty of space and excellent ventilation and safety.

Why Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 9 – 11:30 am?  The team feels that a consecutive three-day program works best academically and emotionally for children’s development and security.

Healthy Snacks?  You bet!  Children will be preparing and tasting a healthy snack eat day with natural ingredients. Recipes will be going home to make at home!  We will accommodate for allergies and/or dietary restrictions upon request.

To read about the core competencies of the HealthBarn USA curricula, please see the latest published article in the Explore Journal, by clicking here.

We are so proud of the expansion of the Seedlings program, so children can grow and learn life skills and confidence for strong bodies and healthy minds.  I wish this program was around when I was growing up!  Please contact us directly at 201-444-2955 or email [email protected] with any specific inquiries or to take a tour of our facility.

Registration is limited to 10 children, enroll here!

Thank you for your consideration and trust in us to enrich your child’s life!

Stacey Antine, MS, RDN, Founder, Director HealthBarn USA



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