HealthBarn USA was invited back to Sierra House Elementary School in South Lake Tahoe, CA yesterday to test 450 kids’ taste buds with healthy foods!  It was an overwhelming success with double thumbs up for snap peas, edamame, the Rainbow Swirley Smoothie and rick milk!  Click here to view a rice milk taste tester in action!

The coolest part of the 1.5 hours assembly is when all of the kids get to sample a variety of food from the Food Guide Pyramid, it’s like a giant kids’ cocktail party!  For those of you that think healthy food is expensive, we can prove you wrong.  We fed 450 kids yeaterday with high quality organic and natural foods from Costco at a cost of $0.75 cents – WHOA!  The only items that they didn’t carry were rice milk (Trader Joe’s) and Barlean’s Flaxseed Oil (Grass Foots) for the air-popped popcorn.

Feedback from Amy, PTA extraordinaire, “the assemblies were awesome!!! Stacey is incredible and it was so fun to have her in Tahoe!”  Book a HealthBarn USA school assembly today by calling 201-891-2066 or email [email protected].

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