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Hands-On Nutrition Education is Needed to Reverse High Consumption of Processed Foods and Beverages Among Children Causing Chronic Diseases

HealthBarn® USA, a Leader in Family Nutrition, Makes Culinary Creations Available to Teach in Schools Nationwide through HealthBarn Nutrition Academy

RIDGEWOOD, NJ (October 18, 2023) – HealthBarn® USA, a healthy-lifestyle educational company, for the first-time is making its trusted and proven Culinary Creations programs available to teach in elementary schools and other learning centers across the country through the HealthBarn Nutrition Academy. These proprietary programs are being taught in Northern New Jersey by trained educators and have inspired hundreds of students in afterschool enrichment programs to make healthy choices. Through the HealthBarn Nutrition Academy, educators, registered dietitians, school nurses and others will get trained to teach children to learn, create and eat hands-on recipes filled with good nutrition for strong bodies, healthy minds.

HealthBarn, founded in 2005 by registered dietitian and author, Stacey Antine, was a call to action during the onset of the childhood obesity epidemic and a lack of hands-on nutrition education available for health professionals. As childhood obesity and chronic disease rates continue to soar, and the packaged food industry explodes, the HealthBarn Nutrition Academy fills a pressing need, making the 20-year trusted nutrition education curricula accessible to children everywhere. “We know firsthand that when we excite children with knowledge and skills during our Thumbs-up, No-Yucks programming, including Culinary Creations, they choose natural foods instead of processed foods and beverages.” “The positive impact of the curricula seen with over 70,000 children is too good to keep locally, and timing and technology has made the national outreach possible,” Antine added.

Research shows that establishing healthy nutritional patterns from an early age is critical as dietary patterns from childhood continue into adulthood. Through the HealthBarn Nutrition Academy, educators around the country can join the mission to empower families to live strong and energetic lives through a self-guided training to teach Culinary Creations in their learning centers. “Culinary Creations is exactly the type of program we look for in our afterschool enrichment program. Our faculty taught the curricula, and the entire process was seamless due to the detailed lesson plans, ingredient lists, and the simple no-cooking needed recipes,” said Vanessa Konstant, HSA Co-President at Maugham School. “Children left each class having tried a new food, or having learned something new about nutrition and that healthy eating can be fun, too!” added Konstant.

The HealthBarn Nutrition Academy is the learning resource that enables HealthBarn USA to spread its Thumbs-Up, No-Yucks programming nationally to inspire strong bodies, healthy minds. Culinary Creations Educator Trainings and Programs are bundled for purchase and offer tuition discounts to school districts and multiple users. To learn more about the HealthBarn Nutrition Academy, visit

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