HealthBarn USA Lease Adopted by Ridgewood

"I’m really looking forward to this partnership," Hauck said. "I thank everyone for their hard work, application, patience and dedication to excellent programming for Ridgewood residents. I think this is going to be something that we look back on and say, [while] it’s good to move cautiously and carefully and slowly, this is something that [...]

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Good News Network: Gift 4 Families Dealing with Cancer: 6,000 Take-Home Meals

“When families are in this time of stress, it’s s not a time to educate people about what they should be eating, it’s a time to make sure they’re getting what they need,” Antine told Good News Network. “That prompted me thinking, ‘How can I make that happen?’”  Antine went to a nonprofit and proposed the idea that [...]

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The Record: Healthy after-school snacks that kids will actually eat!

"When kids don't get a satisfying snack, they tend to overeat," says Stacey Antine, who opened Healthbarn USA in Wyckoff to offer educational programs for children. "We need to move away from thinking that snacks are a processed, packaged food," adds Antine, suggesting portable items such as whole wheat tortilla with nut butter and jam, [...]

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Paramus Post: St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Offers Food Gifting Program

“The Healing Meals program will enable our families to take home a nutritious meal after spending a long day at the hospital. It also helps our staff educate families about healthy food choices, and now we can literally hand the family this amazing gift,” says Jill Menell, MD, Chief of Pediatric Hemotology/Oncology at St. Joseph’s Children’s [...]

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The Record: Healing Meals Launches at St. Joe’s Hospital

"CHARITY: Nutrition program begins at St. Joseph's Hospital -- Registered dietitian Stacey Antine, founder of HealthBarn, said the move allows the foundation to broaden its mission. "St. Joe's, in particular, is a very diverse population," Antine said. "Our brochures are in English, Spanish and Arabic. We're really expanding the cultures we're serving and, from a [...]

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The Record: Foods Take Artificial Dyes Out

"General Mills, which makes Trix, is one of many food makers purging their products of artificial dyes as people increasingly eschew anything in their food they don’t feel is natural. “This is great news,” said Stacey Antine, registered dietitian and founder of HealthBarn USA in Wyckoff, which teaches kids and their parents about nutritious foods [...]

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How to Compost 101: A Beginner's Guide "Kids are very passionate about taking care of the environment," explains Stacey Antine, founder of HealthBarn USA, who's been teaching kids to compost for more than 10 years. "Composting is one way that they can do it." Show your enthusiasm for composting and your kids will be excited [...]

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"Stacey Antine, founder of HealthBarn USA, was featured in the Gimme Five profile about leaders who are making a difference in helping children and families lead a healthy-lifestyle.  Find out more about who Stacey is and what motivates her to help others on"

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Bergen Health & Life: Comfort Food

"Families with children who are undergoing treatment for cancer and serious blood disorders are getting a helping hand in the kitchen from the HealthBarn Foundation’s Healing Meals, a new program that provides free organic meals to pediatric patients at Hackensack University Medical Center. Since the launch in March, Healing Meals has distributed more than 2,000 [...]

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HealthBarn USA Founder Stacey Antine is Today’s Honoree

"Stacey Antine is a registered dietitian who holds a Master’s of Science in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics from New York University.  Alarmed by the long list of lifestyle diseases (obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.) faced by children today, she founded HealthBarn USA, Inc. to connect children to natural foods and where they come from," Today's [...]

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